Washington County Library loves Minecraft! Join in the fun on WashCoLib's official Minecraft Java Edition server or play Minecraft at the library using one of our free public accounts. 

Our server provides a safe, friendly, community environment for Minecraft players of all ages to work together, build, and have fun. All you need to get started is Minecraft Java Edition and a personal account or a free public account at the library.

  1. Summer 2021 Build Contest!
  2. WashCoLib Minecraft Server
  3. Public Minecraft Accounts
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Challenge: Vacation Destination

UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties, this week's Minecraft Build Contest is postponed. Our server is still up and running, but we need to make some updates so players can claim land to build their dream vacation destinations. The contest will return in a few weeks once we fix the glitch! 

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Minecraft builders, we challenge you to create the ultimate “Vacation Destination” in Washington County Library’s Summer 2021 Minecraft Build Contest! During the contest you will have one week to build your dream vacation home on the library’s Minecraft server. Use your creativity and skills to build anything from pools to dancefloors, from hammocks to roller coasters!

Your build will be judged on creativity, detail, maneuverability, and cohesive concept. One build from each age range will be chosen: ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-18. Winners will be promoted to receive extra privileges on the server and win a grand prize! 


  1. Fill out the Minecraft Player Form
    • If you have a personal Java edition account, include your Minecraft username to get whitelisted to join our server. Please allow 24-48 hours for your email confirmation.
    • If you do not have a personal Java edition account, you can use a library public account. Fill out the Minecraft Player Form and ask a staff member to log you into a public account.
  2. Join the server: 
    • After logging in to Minecraft, select “Multiplayer”
    • Select “Direct Connect”
    • Enter the server address: WCL.serverminer.com
    • Click “Join Server”
  3. Enter the build world by warping to your category’s spawn point. 
    • For ages 5-8, type the command  /warp vacation1
    • For ages 9-12, type the command  /warp vacation2
    • For ages 13-18, type the command  /warp vacation3
  4. Go to an unclaimed plot (one with a gray stone border) and claim it by typing /p claim – you will build your vacation destination on this land. 
  5. Put a sign on your build with your username, first name, and build title. We also encourage you to label points of interest and cool features. 
  6. You may work individually, in pairs, or with a team. See below for instructions. 


  • You can build alone or with a team. 
  • You must build in the Build World and use only one plot.
  • Your build must be original and not an old build or plagiarized from somebody else. Originality is key.
  • You must use the default texture pack.
  • No mods. 
  • One entry per user. Update your submission as much as you want during build week, but once the build period has ended, you won't be allowed to edit your submission any more.
  • You may not use any tools that produce an output for you.

Building in Pairs or Teams

Players can work on this contest individually, in pairs, or on a team. If you want to work together, decide which player wants to claim the land. Once someone has claimed the land, they can “trust” the other participants on their team in order to build on their claimed land. To do this, type:

/p trust {username}

A new command will have to be entered into the game for every player a land claimer would like to “trust” on their team. Once the command is entered, that player can then build on the plot of land claimed.

If you have team members from multiple age categories, you must compete in the age category of the oldest player. 

Build Contest Commands

/p claimClaim the plot you are standing on. The plot needs to be available, meaning it hasn't been claimed yet.
/p homeTeleport back to your home plot.
/p clearClear your plot to default state. Must confirm with “/plot confirm”