Teen Hackathon

June 29 Mini Hackathon at Park Grove Library

Registration is now open for a Mini Hackathon on Saturday, June 29 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Park Grove Library. Interested participants can register in our online calendar

The mini hackathon is a free, afternoon event for techies of all ability levels in grades 7 - 12. Teens who are new to coding can build and adapt pre-designed projects using Microsoft MakeCode, while experienced coders can start from scratch to build something new.

Volunteer mentors will work with each group to help brainstorm, research, and troubleshoot challenges. Projects like a ping pong ball launcher, light-up snow globe, or robotic inchworm are perfect for teens looking to learn the basics of coding. More advanced programmers can create their own unique projects by directing lights, microphones, speakers, motion and temperature sensors, and more. Want to see how it works? Check out some project examples online at makecode.adafruit.com.   

Snacks will be provided throughout the afternoon. The event is open to 50 teen participants. Registration is required by June 21. 


Washington County Library is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in encouraging innovation and witnessing invention at the Mini Hackathon.  

How will volunteers help?
Volunteers do not need experience working with Circuit Playground Express or Microsoft MakeCode, but must have an interest in science, technology, engineering or math. Volunteers must also be willing to learn basics in block coding and Microsoft MakeCode. Library staff will provide training and tutorials for working through the equipment. Snacks will be provided throughout the afternoon. 

Count me in! How do I let you know?
Volunteers can apply by filling out the application on the Washington County Library website by June 17. Washington County Library staff will contact volunteers after the application is received.