Having Trouble Accessing a Library Database?

First, check to see that your library card is in good standing.

Then, call the Library at 651-731-1320 to report that you are unable to access the database. Library staff will test the database and call you back with the results.

Some Questions for You to Consider

  • Have you tried turning off your spam blocker?
  • Have you turned off your pop-up blocker?
  • Have you checked your security settings to make sure the site you are trying to access is permitted?
  • Do you have firewall settings that may be interfering?
  • Have you installed the current edition of your Internet browser?
Another possibility may be the database you are trying to access could be down for maintenance. Try again in a few hours or the next day.

Trouble with Printing?

If you are having trouble with the transmission of a document to your email account, do you have the proper applications on your computer to open the kind of file the database is sending to you (PDF, Word, HTML, etc.)?

If you see one of the following messages when you attempt to connect to the library databases, the problem may involve blocking of the http referrer header:
  • "Authentication failed due to insufficient credentials." [red letters on white page - EBSCO]
  • "1011: ProQuest is unable to authenticate your user account." [ProQuest]
The HTTP referrer header provides the address of one site to another, where it is typically kept as part of a large archive of information about page access. Because of privacy concerns, some Internet security software products include features that block the "HTTP referrer header."