Book Sales

Buy used books

Used library materials and donated items are sold at our libraries every day.
  • Hardcover book, $2
  • Paperback book, $1
  • Children's materials, $.25
  • CDs and DVDs, $2

Donating book sale materials

Bring donations of current books, CDs, and DVDs that are in good condition to any branch.
  • If you need a receipt for tax purposes, library staff will provide a receipt. You assign a value to your contribution.
  • Some items may be added to the library collection; other items are offered at library book sales. 
  • Proceeds from the book sales are used to support collections and programming.

Information for book sale customers

  • Customers who use scanners pay a $20 fee per scanner per day. Keep receipt during your time at the book sale as proof of purchase.
  • Customers may not scan, sort or pile merchandise in a way that impedes the movement of other customers or disturbs the order of merchandise.
  • Customers may not access unopened boxes used to replenish inventory during the sales.
Violation of rules may result in the customer being refused sales, escorted out of the book sale and denied access to the book sale for the remainder of the sale.